How do we start succession planning for our family business or family farm?

Conversation is key. But sometimes it doesn’t come easily. That’s where we come in. Long before any documents are drafted, there are key conversations that need to occur around the table. You’ve heard the old adage “You cant’ see the forest for the trees.” No truer words were ever said when it comes to seeing the opportunities and threats to your family business. Having a third party who is not emotionally involved in the day to day operations of the business facilitate a meeting for your family can be instrumental to identifying the needs of your family business. We are able to draw on decades of experience with other families who found themselves in situations like yours to illustrate options for what works well… and what doesn’t. These facilitation meetings are intended to gather loads of information about your operation, how it runs, who’s invested and what its future looks like. We’ll listen to each of the voices at the table, spotlight issues and summarize suggestions for moving forward. We’ll work with your family to facilitate communication because we believe it is key to successful transition of business.