I always go into your office just nervous and worried because we are talking about hard subjects, but I ALWAYS come out with a sense of relief and calmness. You just always make me feel better about the situation. My mom even said “she just listens to you and HEARS you.” That is huge for my mom to say that!!!

– Susie

Thanks for another great webinar. My husband told someone on the phone, “I know why I am like I am now after the seminar.” I have tried for 50 years and you were able to accomplish it the first hour of your presentation.

– Diane

Thank you for your work/expertise with us. I cannot express enough “gratefulness” toward your sincerity and genuine interactions with us. So grateful we “found” you.

– Kathy

I just wanted to share a note of thanks for all the help and mostly the “way” you have helped our family with my parents’ estate planning. I love that you have never come across irritated or impatient by my dad’s repeated questions on the same thing each time we met. I love the way you answer his concerns and come across as a concerned person – not like a “typical lawyer” (and I mean that as a compliment!) We have dealt with many who do their best to show that they know more than we do or he does and you have never made me feel like that in your mannerisms or discussions with my dad. For that, I am truly thankful. You have been a true godsend for our family to get this process started and some important matters taken care of for our family and the family farm.

– Sharon

You were a total delight yesterday and I so appreciate your empathetic approach to your work and the ease with which you navigate this process. I don't know how you do it but you do it well.

– Glenn

Dad is very thorough with his business matters and you were so very good at explaining the legal ease of the trust documents that are in place and ask the right questions of him to help him communicate his wishes. He is very pleased that you are willing to assist with his estate matters .... and so am I. THANK YOU for sharing your expertise and friendship. A tip of the farm cap to you.

– Susan

My wife and I want to sincerely thank you for your excellent teamwork on our estate planning, which is now completed, I believe. I just added up what we paid and it was only a small portion of the package that another attorney was promoting. It was a pleasure to have a more personal conversation with you a few weeks ago, Brooke. So, thank you.

– Bob

Neither one of us could think of how this could have gone better. Thanks so much!

– Leo

You’ve done an amazing job for my parents and am grateful for that. I always appreciate your prompt response and willingness to always help us work through every detail. You have a way of explaining matters that make it easier to understand. Thank you for all you do for us.

– Lori

My reply is to say Thank You from our family. It seemed intimidating to us at the beginning but you made us feel comfortable and with your expertise the task was completed.

– Nina

My husband and I consider our work with you a pleasure. We can not think of One thing that you could have done better. You and your team were always very responsive. Thank you for your service.

– Sue

We can't begin to say Thank You enough for the quality of the advice and counsel received by you and your team with our planning, and sincerely appreciate every bit of it!!

– Dave

Your service was perfect. We appreciate you getting our wills revamped and updated.

– Jim

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